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    Room à porter


    The design explains the concept

    My creative line adheres to a purely classical historical period, characterized by a great and constant respect towards precise canons recognizable in my actions, such as refinement and sensitivity.

    Who will keep my work will found her/himself catapulted into different past styles, such as the classical Renaissance and Neoclassical that revive and are intertwined, thanks to the fine hue utilized to lacquer the boiserie and to embellish the ceiling enriched with cornices, moldings and paintings.

    The architecture that I designed for this wellness suite is not only functional, but becomes the leading role telling its meaning and its reason why: Each space and each detail are conceived with a precise purpose in order to identify a comfort ambiance, see the partitioning wall rich in forms, adornments, lights and colors, that are architectural elements standing out in the space in which they are enclosed. This mind-set is possible not only thanks to the furniture design but also and particularly to the quality of the materials and manufacturing, as well as to its long duration, its robustness and to the skilful hand-crafted workmanship of the "Made in Italy".

    The mood

    This style can be summarized thanks to the combination of precious woods, lacquering, plasters, polychrome marbles, and frescoes; they are timeless elements giving an unforgettable atmosphere, where the absolute protagonist is beauty.

    The choice of the glossy-black closed pore lacquering of the pilasters of the partitioning wall and that of the cabinet/container with silver-lacquered details, belongs to the fact that no other color could have enhanced at its best the forms of the above described elements.

    The old-rose velvet with capitonné finishing fixed with upholstery nails to the supporting wood panel is located in the middle of the boiserie with oval-shaped perimeter frame, adorned with modular panels, and lacquered in opaque-grey.

    The fresco, digitally printed on color-film, is located on the ceiling of the living area, with shiny color nuances able to provoke emotions.

    The classical nature characterizing the furniture is evident in the woven, such as the damask patterns of the pink bedspread in satin, manually-operated on a jacquard loom, to obtain a light and shade effect with shiny drawings in relief on an opaque background.

    The collection

    The collection was conceived to create a set of classical-style pieces of furniture, resulting in a combination of pure and linear elements and refined solutions connected to the history of the Italian and European furniture, thanks to a design able to produce changes in the planning of the product.

    This assumption was possible thanks to the research of a personal and unique style, a signature found in the natural and/or lacquered woods, embellished with a set of adornments found in boiseries, pilasters, and decors, able to satisfy the customer's desires. The latter, in fact, must be pampered, surrounded by the comfort and well-being; transforming, for the couple of days of her/his stay, the "cuddle class" suite in her/his own home.

    My intention was to stop time creating emotions.

    The iconic element

    Due to its unusual form, the classical-style cabinet piece of furniture in gloss black lacquer with silver decorations represents a design with a poetical flavor. The piece of furniture with anterior perimeter frame, silver lacquered and showing carved floral decorations, has inside two framed doors with middle panels embellished with silver-colored carved drawings; the sides are glossy-black lacquered, with vertical shells and silver trim. In the upper part of the cabinet there is a frame fitting which acts as a "closing hat", while in the lower middle part a frieze of foliage lacquered black and silver is found. The interior of the container holds the Illy coffee machine, a mini bar and shelves for various services. The back of the recess is coated with a mirror to create a sense of depth, while the sides and interior doors are lacquered in black.

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